Frequently Asked questions

When can my group participate?

The AMEN House is available year-round, with both heating and cooling. Check out our availability calendar here, and contact us to discuss specific dates.

Are there age limitations?

AMEN St. Louis does not have an age limit to stay in the house, however, if you are planning to do service projects while you are here, please be aware that many service agencies have a minimum age requirement of 14 for volunteers. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us and we can help you make arrangements for alternative service projects, but just know that your options may be limited.

How will you communicate with us?
Once you have registered, made your deposit and confirmed your dates, you are set to go! AMEN Staff will send you necessary forms and waivers at the time of your registration (you can send them in ahead of time or bring them with you when you arrive). One month prior to your arrival, we will send you a "Welcome Packet" with all the information (packing lists, schedule, check in/out procedures, etc.) you need as well as your final invoice. At any time, you can contact us with questions at

When should we arrive?
For week-long groups, check in is any time after 3:00 PM on Sunday and check-out is any time before noon on Saturday. For groups shorter than one-week, week can make arrangements that are convenient for your group. For any group arriving before 8:00 PM on any day, an AMEN Ambassador will meet you to do a check-in and orientation to the house. For groups arriving after 8:00PM, we have a lockbox that we will provide the code for, and we will do your orientation the following morning.

How do we get around the city?
You are responsible for providing your own transportation while here in St. Louis. There is a lot available within walking distance of the AMEN House, but you will need vehicles to get to your service sites, and to get to any of the major tourist attractions in St. Louis.

What will we do for food?
You are responsible for your own meals. There is a fully-equipped kitchen in the AMEN House, and several grocery options nearby. If you like to eat out, there are many restaurants (both fast-food and sit-down service) within walking distance of the house. During the work week, most days you will need to pack a lunch to bring with you between morning and afternoon service sites. We have a few coolers available, but we recommend you bring your own if you have them.

What is the adult:child ratio required for intergenerational or youth trips?
We require a 1:5 adult:child ratio for intergenerational or youth trips. To be considered an "adult" for ratio purposes, you must be at least 18 years old AND at least 3 years older than the oldest child participant (i.e., if you have a 17-year old participant, all adults must be aged 20 years or older to be considered chaperones.)

Are we the only group coming?  Do groups mix when putting together teams?
The maximum capacity for AMEN Saint Louis is 24 individuals.  Most likely you will be the only group with us for the week, but we will contact you if there is another group staying at the house at the same time.  When making teams to send to work sites, we do not mix groups.

What about safety? 
St. Louis is a safe and wonderful city. We live here and love it! AMEN St. Louis is located in the heart of a diverse and thriving neighborhood where all kids of people live, work, learn, and play. But it is a city, so be smart about it. When you are driving around in a big church bus with out of state tags, you are a target. Do not leave anything in your bus or church van. The only time groups have had a vehicle broken into was when parked downtown (at a Cardinals game or the City Museum) Do not leave things in your vehicle and be sure to lock the doors. After dark- walk with a buddy. Leave expensive clothes, jewelry or electronic items at home (they might get damaged or lost). We will provide your team with keys to the house. You will be able to lock up as you come and go, working and serving, and enjoying all the great fun of this lovely city!