Community Impact

The AMEN in AMEN St. Louis stands for A Ministry Embracing the Neighborhood - which is a primary focus for our mission and ministry. We are firmly rooted in the Tower Grove South neighborhood, and all of the South St. Louis area.When you are here, you will be working with our community partners who serve this area (and there are many!).

We feel that by concentrating our efforts in the vicinity immediately surrounding the AMEN House, we are able to connect more closely with those in need, learn more about the needs of this particular community and the obstacles it faces, and help the people who are helping our neighbors through our community partnerships.

To learn more about our neighborhood, check out the following resources:

Tower Grove South Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Profile - City of St. Louis

Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association

Community Partners

We work with several agencies to best serve the South St. Louis community by sending our volunteer groups out to these agencies to help in any way needed. It's not always fun or exciting work, but to our partner agencies, many of whom are operating with a small staff and an even smaller budget, the work our groups do is crucial. One agency told us that the number of hours that are served by volunteers would fill 13 full-time staff positions! This frees up a substantial amount of money that these agencies can use to serve their clients.

We are currently partnering with the following community organizations, but our list is always expanding!